Our Community Cares, Inc.

Assisting residents of Columbia County, NY

Households We Are Currently Assisting

We are currently helping SIX households in Columbia County. Not all of them wish to have a public fundraiser, all of them need our help.

We recently helped a family cover funeral arrangements for their premature baby, as well as supporting a Meal Train.

We formed an emergency fundraiser for a local family who suffered a devastating fire, free from fees, as we are a 501c3.

We have an online fundraiser for a local girl who has undergone several surgeries for a rare condition called Tarsal Coalition to help with travel and medical costs. We have heard she needs another surgery this summer, and have additional fundraising ideas coming. Olivia’s Fund

We are helping the Schwartz family (You may know Lincoln) as their Dad/Husband Brian is transitioning from hemodialysis in Albany several days a week to home dialysis. He has been ill and out of work for months. You can contribute here with a note that the donation is for the Schwartz Family.

We are assisting a person with stage III cancer who now has no income and needs financial assistance as well as help getting to her medical appointments.

We are aiding a local family who is grieving the losses of loved ones from both COVID19 and cancer. Our volunteers provide emotional support when needed.

We are helping a family who is still reeling from the recent diagnosis of cancer, and will update soon.

WE can help them, but we need YOUR support.

Please consider a donation to our General Fund, Cancer Fund, or Veteran’s Fund.