Our Community Cares, Inc.

Assisting residents of Columbia County, NY


The key to being able to help the members of our community is to fund-raise throughout the year. This enables us to keep a reserve of funds that can be distributed throughout the community as the need arises.

Our goal is to be “pro-active” to community requests instead of “re-active”.

Previously, when a need arose for a resident, the community scrambled to find a way to put together a spaghetti dinner, bake sale, or coin drop to raise money. Each of these events took planning, resources, and time to put together. It may have been several weeks before the affected resident received any financial or emotional support from these fundraising events.

By planning events throughout the year, a source of funds is available within hours to an affected resident. We can then address short-term needs versus long term needs.

Thanks to our tireless volunteers, community grants, and generous donations from neighbors like you, we are able to provide financial support to our applicants within hours versus weeks.

We accept checks and online donations.  Those who donate can choose between our General Fund, Cancer Fund, Veteran’s Fund, or our Pediatric Fund.

Since Our Community Cares, Inc. is an approved 501c3, all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by current IRS regulations.